Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Knitterly Stuff

I came upon the most delightful sight this morning - a knittag to keep my previously posted rail sock company (the photo is very poor quality due to bad weather, but you get the idea):
A truly wonderful surprise on a very gloomy morning. I emailed the most likely suspects and they both profess to be innocent of the tagging so the author remains a mystery.

I have been knitting even tho I haven't been writing about it and there were purchases on the recent trip. Portland is home to several yarn shops - I managed to make it to KnitPurl where they don't use bags for purchases:
And I found some sock yarns that I don't normally see/get at my usual hangouts here in the Twin Cities.

Girl-child chose this one:
And I plan to make a Cookie A pattern with this for myself:
This was discovered at Gossamer near the Velveteria museum:
In the meantime I am knitting a few things. One is a project that is not exactly secret but can not be revealed yet.

Another is a pair of replacement Fetching mitts for Girl-child:
A scarf being done on commission:
The pattern is more visible above, the color more realistic below.
And I started a pair of socks for Nicole because we love Nicole:


Anonymous said...

A second knit tag -- sweet!

fish said...

Where do I start? The yarns are just yummy ... that mohair!!!...and I love the packaging ... your waffle pattern is wonderful ... I've done that one, too, and it's fun to knit ... I must do some fingerless gloves!