Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day Trippers

Off we went to Chicago this morning - as soon as the thunderstorms were over. We wanted to check out the new wing of the Art Institute.

A couple of locals came to have lunch with us.
We discovered a post covered with knit tags - they were obviously put up at different times since some pieces were more faded than others. (Actually, Girl-child saw this last March and it has been added to since then).
The girls played chess a bit inside the Institute.
This is Girl Dancing by Paul Klee. I like Klee and I have a girl who dances.
I like this Miro. It reminds me of Boy-child's drawings of earlier days. This particular one is called The Two Philosophers. For some reason that seems particularly appropriate.
One of my personal favorites, The Venus de Milo With Drawers by Dali.
The views from the inside of the new wing are quite nice.

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Suzique said...

ah...you *have* been having fun, haven't you? how delightful!