Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The South Bank

I first discovered the South Bank in London when I went on a similar trip with Girl-child. We walked from the Globe Theatre to The Eye that day, and enjoyed the graffiti, the performance art and the beautiful views of the city.

This time I walked from the Tate Modern to iKnit London.

This guy was really good.

These were fun - lined up along a wall that would otherwise be gray and dreary.

I thought we had a lot of bridges, but they have lots and lots of bridges.

This ship is from WWI - an art installation piece with history.

I stopped at The Slug and Lettuce for a bite to eat.

This guy's shirt reminded me of what I saw the first time I was in London (1974).

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kmkat said...

There are links in my next links post about design and the Underground. interesting stuff.