Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Did I mention I was in Tampa for a couple of days? It was really hot there.  The work part went well and then I had lunch with an Auntie who lives in the area before my flight home yesterday.

I had a nice view from my room.

When I had a break from work I sat here and knit.

I finished a scarf made from a lovely alpaca yarn right before I left.

It's soft and will be very warm.

And I knit most of a sock whilst in Tampa.

Flight delays are no big deal for a knitter :)

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kmkat said...

Florida in December! It brings back memories. My in-laws moved to FL right when #1 Son was born; we spent a week or two there over the holidays every year from 1984 until ~2000. (Only 16 years? It seem far longer in my memory.) Some years it was hot, occasionally it was cool-ish, but it was ALWAYS far warmer than MN. My favorite part was sitting on their lanai for cocktail hour every day.