Friday, December 11, 2015

Last Stop: The Library

I don't believe I'd ever been to the British Library before (not sure how that happened), so that was my last stop, after the Victoria and Albert.

There was an Alice In Wonderland Exhibit.

That was about all that could be photographed though.

I remember this image from when I was a freshman in college ... a friend thought I looked like Alice and she sent me a card with this on it during finals.

I also enjoyed looking at everything from the Magna Carta to the Beatles' notes.

There was a great bench in the entrance.

After that I went back to the hotel to rest up.  I was too tired, my feet hurt too much and it was too expensive to go to a show. 

I did think this was an odd combo at Heathrow airport.  I guess you can drop off the kids and go have a smoke.

The trip was a lot of fun; it was just what I needed.

Now I guess I'm ready for Christmas.

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Mary Lou said...

My first trip to London I stayed near the Library. So exciting to see the Magna Carta for history geek girl.