Wednesday, December 9, 2015

iKnit London

No matter where a knitter is in the world, s/he can find her people somewhere.

I went to iKnit London for knit night.

It's a tiny shop, full of colorful shelves and colorful personalities.

There is beer and wine available.

I helped someone learn how to kitchner a toe closed on a sock.

They thought some of my ways quirky (picking, using two circs to make a sock).

I was mistaken for another American who was there a couple of weeks ago.  Apparently we all sound alike.

And I was told to say hi to Franklin Habit because he came up in conversation and I mentioned I'd met him.   Apparently we all are neighbors too :D

It was tons of fun.  I stayed longer than I'd planned.

And I picked up some locally sourced/dyed yarn.

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Mary Lou said...

FUN! I don't think they could stock the bar in a Minnesota yarn shop. Too bad. I'm gong to miss DNK this month, too. Boo!