Sunday, January 25, 2015

Out and About

We had a beautiful, sunny day here yesterday. It called for an outing.

I discovered the Franklin Ave. pillars that hold up the light-rail overpass have been painted quite colorfully.

I went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to see the Vermeer they have on exhibit.

I also went to see the Kunin Collection pieces they have up.  In the exhibit I discovered Philip Guston.

Who surely inspired Maurice Sendak.  I know his relatives inspired the way Sendak depicted the monsters in Where the Wild Things Are but this painting has Max!

You never know what you may discover at the MIA.

In the artwork and in the building.

Today I was dismayed anew by the stadium-in-progress which upsets me so.

A billion dollar structure for a bunch of cheating, wife-beating, child-abusing jerks.

But I can distract myself with the new pair of slippers I made myself this weekend!



kmkat said...

Great clogs/slippers! Cheerful colors :-)

Remind me to tell you my story of performing in the MIA. Part of the troupe was on roller skates.

Mary Lou said...

Every time I see that stadium I get angry all over again. Nice clogs!

Silvernfire said...

So far, I have managed to avoid seeing the stadium in person. Your photo is close enough for me. But imagine yarn-bombing the entire structure…!