Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Some of the knitting has been holiday driven and some not. This is the pair of pop-over mittens I ended up making for Girl-child. For the first time I made the little i-cord loop and added buttons on the cuff to hold down the popover.

This is a mistake I'm trying to figure out - too much mindless knitting.  Should I rip it out or just leave it hanging around for moments when I need a project with no charts?

A pair of socks, which should be sufficient mindless knitting.  I can get a tiny bit done on the light rail trip to and from work, but not much (it's an 11 minute ride).

This is the Habitat by Jared Flood I made for Auntie.

It's a lovely pattern but only just barely big enough.

That was such a fun project I (finally) started the Seasons hat also by Jared Flood.  Rose the Gypsy gave me the kit ages ago.  It's my first project of the year :-)

And last but not least, the slouchy hat for Boy-child's Girl.  From the Wearwithall book from the Yarnery.


Mary Lou said...

Great looking projects. Happy New Year, and glad the new job is going well. Keep Warm.

kmkat said...

I recognize that colorwork hat! Great to see you last night.