Friday, January 3, 2014


It's been kind of cold here. Schools will not open Monday because of expected dangerous temperatures.

The other morning there was a problem with the light rail so I had to take a detour.  (I heard a cable snapped because of the cold but I can't say that was ever confirmed).

Louisiana kitchen? Yuck!  I feel sorry for anyone who thinks that's Louisiana food...

I was traveling through a great part of town, as you can see.

Roberts has been here forever, but the neighborhood around it has changed.

Sometimes people find other ways to keep warm.

Although I'm not supposed to work from home until I've been on the job 90 days I'll be working from home Monday since the Minneapolis office will be closed.  

Wimps ;-)

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kmkat said...

I bought a pair of boots at Roberts back in about 1973. Great store.