Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas is Now Over

We had to delay our Christmas celebrations and so only finished partying last Sunday. 

This demonstrates why it's so much fun to knit for Girl-child (hand knit mittens, sweater and unseen socks worn in photo):

Auntie is doing well…

…she and DIL have to bundle up when they come to my house (although I remembered to turn up the heat for their visit, really I did!)

Boy-child dragged himself out of bed to kibbutz and nosh:

I received a pillow made from recycled hand-knit socks (Girl-child is starting to wear out a lot of socks):

Today I finished the Seasons hat by Jared Flood (this one is in the spring colors - a kit that was a gift from Rose the Gypsy).  It was a fun knit.

No, I haven't blocked it yet and yes, I still have to weave in the ends.  

I worked from home again today.  Cabin fever has set in, so I walked to the library tonight just to get out.  We got above zero today - hooray!


Mary Lou said...

That pillow is a great idea! I even have at least one of those sock yarns in some elderly pairs of my own. Since Friday is the big warm up, I'm going to the barn to play outside instead of Drunken Knitters. Maybe in Feb.

kmkat said...

Great pictures of the family :-) And that pillow -- fabulous!

Silvernfire said...

Love the pillow!