Monday, January 20, 2014

Free Day

 I had the day off work today and not a single obligation to anyone.  I hardly knew what to do!

Although I seriously considered going to a movie I decided I was having too much fun knitting, reading, listening to music, etc.  I did go out to Stillwater to visit Darn Knit Anyway; didn't find what I was looking for but did find some awesome stuff. 

On the way home I had an epiphany.  I've had this humungous pile of scarves, hats, mittens and gloves piled up on the dining room table.  How could I organize them and get them out of the way?  A closet shoe organizer, of course! (sorry for the awful quality of the photo)  I may have to alphabetize them or at least organize them by color, but you get the idea:

Also, did you know that, including the Target down the street from me there are five Target stores between my house and Stillwater?   That's one every five miles!

Then I decided to finish a pair of gloves I had started in … 2006!  Urban rustic gloves in Noro Silk Garden.  Clever pattern, awful yarn (they're knit the long way, garter stitch, with a crochet cuff).  I skipped the button closure.  Actually, I made up the whole crochet cuff thing, but it worked:

And I finished my new popover mittens too.  They won't be warm enough tomorrow, but pretty soon I'll be able to wear them:

That's it.  No more holidays until Memorial Day in May.  There will be knitting in the meantime, but no days quite as leisurely as today.  

I am currently reading Hyperbole and a Half, The Warmth of Other Suns and Memoria de Mis Putas Tristes.  No, I don't usually read three books at once.  It was an accident.


kmkat said...

Don't you get President's Day off? Those gloves are neato.

Mary Lou said...

President's Day? (or is it Presidents Day?) I refuse to knit gloves, but those look cute. I will make it ot DKAnyway one of these days.

soxanne said...

No, we don't get Presidents' Day off. I suppose it was a trade-off for MLK or the day after Thanksgiving (same situation at my last job).

Oh well.