Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sporadic Summer and Travel Knitting

There has been knitting. This pair of fingerless mitts is for Auntie. She saw the pair I'd made for Holly* back in 2011 and wanted something similar. Except blue. I made them long so that the top cuff folds down because I find that I want a little extra length sometimes on colder days. I hope it works.

A chemo cap has to be made post-haste, so I got some Rowan Calmer (the best for chemo caps) and started the lace edged pattern that is my personal favorite for this purpose; the lace edge gives it a feminine touch, I think, which I assume is nice when you don't have hair. The color is actually a baby blue. It was quite a hit at Urban Knitters on Saturday - here's the pattern. You can find the yarn at Needlework Unlimited (and other places).

Finally, this is the "Not My Usual Colors" Color Affection. I started it on my work trip to Rapid City and Orlando. The orange is souvenir yarn from San Francisco, the multi is from Santa Fe, and the green (barely visible here, I just added that in) from NU, so it's a very well traveled piece of fabric. I'm not sure I'll be able to wear it, given the colors, but it is very sunshine-y and happy to work with, so I'm enjoying that aspect of it. Perhaps I'll give it away when I'm done.

That's all I've got. The house is on the market - there's an open today. I'm very sick of cleaning (cuts into my knitting time). A condo I'm interested in is back on the market so I hope to look at it next week. Wish me luck.

*Holly's mitts:


kmkat said...

Yay, condo! No mowing, no shoveling, right?

soxanne said...

Yes, that's th idea...

Mary Lou said...

Calmer is the best, I can't imagine why Rowan is discontinuing it