Wednesday, July 18, 2012


A Disney ad from many years ago said:

"Todavia hay un pais en el mundo donde la gente es feliz: Disneylandia."

I think it's probably true; everyone here is happy, and it is its own country.

Although any bed would have looked good when I got in after 1am Tuesday night.

The flowers are lovely.

It looks great in the morning mist (and there's a beach in the middle of Florida - did you notice?)

It is, of course, hot and humid and sometimes hazy.

I'm in the resort with a "Mexican" theme.

It's lovely at night too.


kmkat said...

The flowers may be lovely, but they are also a bit weird. We went to DisneyWorld back in, um, 1979. It was fun but it freaked me out a little. Middle of Florida and NO BUGS. How did they do that? Kinda scary to think about...

Anonymous said...

"Disneylandia"? :)

kmkat: Which in turn reminds me of my one-and-only trip to Las Vegas. There were snapdragons in the gardens around our hotel. I just kept looking at them, thinking, You're pretty, but I'm really sure you're not supposed to be able to grow in this climate. (What's the point of traveling to a different part of the world if all you see are the plants from back home?)