Saturday, July 14, 2012

House and Stuff

Boy-child and I have been very, very busy getting the house ready to put it on the market. On Thursday the photographer came, so everything had to be empty and clean. We are not good at empty or clean, but we did it.

I am leaving town for the week (work - Rapid City and Orlando) so Boy-child gets to play house and mess things up a bit. As long as he cleans them up when I get back.

Last night I went to Drunken Knit Night, which is always fun. The Sci-Fi folks just had their convention, so there was a lot of talk about that, and a friend just sold her house, so we compared notes about the ordeal of getting a house ready for market. It was fun, as always.

While waiting for the 21 bus I saw this car go by:

I worked on Auntie's mittens last night - it's the only thing I have going right now (although I plan to start Color Affection on my trip this week). The second mitt has a black cuff, blue stripe hand and will have black ribbing at the top. I made them kind of long so that the contrasting ribbing can be cuffed at the top too.

This Trumpet Vine has finally flowered. When I told Boy-child that I'd been waiting for five years for it to flower, he told me I was deranged. I think he said that no one waits five years for a flower. I beg to differ. He's too young still to understand that some things are worth waiting for (and I'm not talking just flowers here either).

Truth be told, I was beginning to think I had purchased the wrong thing. I'm glad it's bloomed before I move out.


kmkat said...

Happy/sad about the flower. Are you buying another place? If so, maybe you could take a cutting and bring it along.

I recognize a couple of the paintings on the car -- was it entirely famous images?

Silvernfire said...

I think I waited seven years for my hoya to bloom. So there, Boy-child! ;)

Rose the Gypsy said...

Glad you posted the flower picture. I have some of those in my new house, way in the back - wondered if it was a weed. Now that I have a name I did research - the flower is supposed to attract hummingbirds. I'll keep an eye out - but I'm thinking the hawk in the woods will scare them away. Darn.