Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Knitting and Down at the Farm

I've been knitting sporadically. This is a new project I started with the yarn I purchased on Groundhog Day at Fibre Space (Blue Point Stole by Veronik Avery with an 81 st CO):
The yarn is a merino silk blend which makes it deliciously soft.

In the meantime, Miss Q's green birthday socks progress. At the moment there's only one toe left:

I finally finished the Faith shawl that I started in March, thanks to a fellow Raveler who sent me a ball of yarn when I (foolishly) ran out. The color is fairly close in the second photo:

Auntie's red socks are also progressing. That means I'll have two gifts done before summer officially starts.

Speaking of summer, we have an Excessive Heat Warning today. I guess a regular heat advisory isn't enough. I94 buckled in several places yesterday. I'm glad I don't commute during rush hour.

I was going to try to be less of an old lady and take fewer flower pictures but I can't seem to help myself. Miss Q gave me some iris that, if I don't kill them will probably look like this:
And finally, did I mention that Girl-child and I got a community garden plot? We did. We've planted sunflowers, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and sugar snap peas. I can't wait.

These poppies are in someone else's plot:

Our only harvest so far is asparagus, which are growing as leftovers from the previous occupant. They're delicious:
This is our plot when we first planted it:
And this is what the community plots looked like at that point:

If the heat doesn't kill everything we should have some great produce this summer.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely!!! just one toe!

you will not kill the iris.

I also love all the other photos...
Miss Q