Monday, May 30, 2011

No Flower Photos From the Nursery

I went to the Nursery yesterday to get flowers.
I'm quite late this year, for a variety of reasons, but I won't go into the details.

I think that flowers in the summer are a necessity. We have such a short season here.
Attracting butterflies and hummingbirds are a good reason to have lots of color.

But mostly I like them to add color to my every day activities.
And maybe sit on the deck and be surrounded by them.

There's lots of stuff you can buy for the garden.

Fake fauna to go with the flora, gazebos, fountains, you name it.

And angels kissing turtles.

Since when do angels kiss turtles?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps she couldn't find a frog?

Anonymous said...

Ah, looks like you had fun! so, what flowers did you end up with? and when can I bring over those iris? :-)