Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm Not The Only One Who's Been Busy

I've been so busy lately I just haven't had time to talk to myself over the Internet (a.k.a. blog). As it turns out, I'm not the only one who's been busy:

Here's a little bit of what has been going on:

*I was at Yarnover last Saturday

*Rose The Gypsy was here from Denver for Yarnover

*We had a great time

*I'm tired

*Today was a rude awakening

*There was snow this morning

*It was only flurries, but snow in May is depressing

*I went on a field trip with the fourth graders today

*It didn't go very well

*Plus it was cold

*I've just finished my moebius cowl

*I learned how to make the cowl in my Yarnover class with Cat Bordhi

*Now I think I'll go to bed and try to put something coherent together for posting this week


Anonymous said...

Love the cartoon!

Fede said...

Me alegra leerte de nuevo. Estaba empezando a preocuparme.