Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Kitty is back until September. I won't go into the details. It's complicated.
Now that the weather is nice he's started bringing us gifts.
Besides the chipmunk, I've recently received gifts for various occasions. They are all lovely. This yarn and felted bag were a hostess gift from Rose the Gypsy, who came to visit and attended Yarnover with me.

The colors are all delicious; way more beautiful than the pictures would imply.

I also got a Make One bumper sticker, which has replaced the Fibertarian Party 2008 sticker.

This little guy has been named Mr. Dimple. He was made by Girl-child out of a pair of worn out socks (that I knit and she wore out). Isn't he adorable?
And I got a new charm for my bracelet - the first ever with color. It's gold and red. Very posh.

More catch up pictures to follow.


Anonymous said...

Love the bumper sticker! And your kids are so cute :-)

Anonymous said...

I want a M1 bumper sticker and another one that says Daily Dose Of Fiber!