Friday, February 4, 2011

Where to Spend Groundhog Day

Well, the original forecast for my preferred destination was for an ice storm on Wednesday, but then they changed their minds.
It looked as though the mega-storm that went south of St Paul was going to hit Chicago and Maine, so I was safe to go East.

I had LA as a backup, but let's face it, LA has really bad public transportation and I had this yarn shop and book store on my mind so I didn't really want to go to LA.
At least not this week.

The East Coast can be so charming. And they have public transportation that's easy to use.

So I went to Alexandria and then up to Dupont Circle.

The last time I was in Dupont Circle was when Pato and I were in DC and he was being crippled by the walking so we bought him a very fancy, very expensive pair of shoes.

I had a little extra time so I went down to the mall and popped in to the American History Museum, a.k.a. America's Attic, which is where I saw Julia Child's kitchen and some very cool old currency.
Tomorrow I'll try to post the yarn and book acquisitions.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful trip!