Sunday, February 27, 2011

Author Talk

Pato and I went downtown on Friday to hear T.C.Boyle talk. I happen to think his book The Tortilla Curtain is an American masterpiece. I also liked Riven Rock. I bought The Women to have it signed along with my curly copy* of The Tortilla Curtain. (He liked the fact Tortilla Curtain was curly). Boyle not only spoke, he also read a short story that was fantastic. I do believe his was the best author talk I've ever been to.

I'm sure Girl-child will appreciate his footwear:
We also saw the most ridiculous pair of pants, ever, while walking downtown:

*Many years ago, I loaned The Tortilla Curtain to a coworker. She was originally from Los Angeles and I told her she absolutely had to read the book. When she returned it to me it was a brand new copy so I asked her what happened? She confessed she'd dropped my book in the tub while reading. While it was drying she checked a copy out of the library because she couldn't wait to continue reading. Then she decided the original copy was too curly to return to me so she bought a new copy. Meanwhile, she was late returning the library book and had to pay fines. I felt terrible it'd cost her so much to read the book so I asked her, "Did you like it?"

She didn't. I think the ending kind of did her in.

When I retired from The Evil Airline That No Longer Exists, she gave me the tub copy along with Green With Envy bath confetti. Classy, don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

My book group read Tortilla Curtain a few years ago. Blew me away.I have read a couple other of his books, but Tortilla Curtain is the best.