Saturday, February 19, 2011

Knitting and Musing

You've probably heard that the bookstore where I worked for the holidays has filed for bankruptcy; they're closing 1/3 of their stores. Sad, sad, sad. Boy-child pointed out that I sure do know how to pick 'em when it comes to working for business that go under or are bought out by others.

Sadness did not stop us, however, from going to find a few deals before the two stores closest to us are gone. While standing in line waiting to make my purchases, I saw this treasure, which made me giggle:
I don't get the whole zombie thing, but the thought of a zombie private eye struck me as delightfully ridiculous. I did not, however, find it clever enough to purchase the book, even on sale.

On the home front, Girl-child is turning into quite the knitter. This octopus was made from leftover sock yarn. I thought the striping turned out really cool:
She also cast on her first pair of socks recently. I'm curious to see if she likes making socks.

Speaking of socks, I have had none on the needles for quite a while, so I cast on a pair on Friday at Knit Night:
They are for a friend's September birthday - I'm on top of it this year. Yarn: Claudia's Handpaints in limeade. The yarn is deliciously sproingy and soft.

I also have a sweater started which is looking like a blob (so far so good):
Yarn: Inca Marl from stash. I purchased it on sale ages ago and then was terrified of sweaters for a long time. It's a super-soft alpaca. I'm using a raglan pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple.

And this hat was finished ages ago. Mary Lou Eagan's Knotted Cables Hat in Malabrigo Twist, color: Ravelry Red:
It's a great pattern and I love the crown:

Made for the girlfriend of a friend of Boy-child, who seems to be taking orders for knitted things to pass around amongst his friends and aquaintances. I told him I'm going to start charging. He maybe thought I was joking, but I think I was not.


Anonymous said...

Great hat! And fun to knit with you and your peeps on Friday.

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