Saturday, February 26, 2011

Doing Good for a Do-Gooder

The Kat has done good by nominating a winner of the "Making a Difference" award with WCCO:

The full article is available here.

I'm afraid I am too busy making hats for Boy-child, his friends, and his friends' friends for me to participate. I'm also not sure I am big enough to give a hat to Michelle Bachmann.

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Anonymous said...

How did you embed the video? I have not been able to do that. #2 Son recorded the piece when it was on and put it on a DVD for me (he works at a video post-production firm) and has promised to make me a version I can put on my iPod. Not that I am impressed with having been on tv, you understand...

Ellen will be at Yarnover -- maybe we can all meet up at lunchtime.