Sunday, January 30, 2011

On Destruction and Construction

Regarding the frozen bunny in the snowbank - forensic evidence suggests that the bunny was the victim of a cat and that the blizzard buried what said cat was saving for later. We did not find an entire bunny, but then there is still a lot of snow back there. Who knows what the spring thaw may uncover?

And speaking of destruction, I've never seen a building demolition take as long as this one. I mean, let's get it over with, shall we? This has been left half-done for months. Or maybe it just feels like months. I don't know, but it bugs me that the demo team has left it like this. It's really ugly.
Conversely, in the creative construction arena I discovered this snow fort recently.

I have lived in Minnesota most of my life and I can honestly say that I have never seen anything even close to this. Ever. Ok, maybe Winter Carnival but those people are professionals.
This is somebody's yard.

It was kind of funny because when I turned around, going out of my way to show Boy-child, he was starting to scoff in anticipation when I told him I'd found an awesome snow fort. He says a lot of my observations/comments are scoffable. When the snow-fort came into view he was staring with his mouth hanging open, not scoffing. :-P

And here's a pretty, random, kind of old and possibly recycled moon shot from the backyard. Just for funsies.


Anonymous said...

"Forensic evidence suggests..." Love it!

Anonymous said...

thanks for not sharing the hare-splitting details....