Sunday, January 9, 2011

Knitting, Lunching, Quilting and Spraining

We've been busy 'round here. I have not posted knitting for a while, but I have been making the usual hats for Boy-child, I made a pair of slippers for a friend of his which have yet to be felted since the friend, Oliver, has been out of town.
And I made myself a pair of slippers too, which are almost done being felted. I was going to use leftover yarn but then decided that I needed bright colored slippers in January. Plus I was trying to make them not pink and/or purple. This is what I ended up with:
The old ones didn't look so bad from the top...
...but they were getting pretty ragged on the bottom:
I'd just like to mention that a size large in men's is enormous - note the size of Oliver's compared with mine (I'm glad I made his first, 'cause it would have seemed like it was taking forever for the large pair if I'd done it the other way around):
I had lunch recently with Girl-child. She likes noodles and can eat them with chopsticks. I find this impressive. Pato and I ate once (I repeat, once) with chopsticks in Hong Kong only because the restaurant had no forks. It was messy.
Even I have to admit the packaging is clever and speaks the truth:
Girl-child is making a quilt. It is awesome and happy and I am amazed because I have never been a sewer:
It has leftovers from fabric purchased in Ghana, from a sundress and from a backpack she made.

She uses my mother's old sewing box, which means it is getting more use now than it ever has in its sixty year history, which warms my heart:
Unfortunately, the New Year started out not only with Boy-child's sprained thumb, but also with Girl-child spraining an ankle. For a woman who is constantly on the move this is worse than bad.

It does not immobilize her, however, which means it is still very difficult to get a clear photo of her; I would say 70% of the photos I take of her are blurry:
In spite of it all, being Girl-child, she is still smiling:


Anonymous said...

Boo! to sprains but Yay! for health insurance :) Love the slippers, love the quilt.

Anonymous said...

New nickname for Girl: iso-1600


Anonymous said...


Suzique (again)