Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

What a way to start the year ~ Boy-child had a little mishap at a party last night. It's probably not broken, so we're hoping it'll be better in three days (if not we have to contact orthopedics):
It's very cold out today so I pulled out some Minnehaha Falls pics, taken on a sunny day about a week ago with Miss Q:
This Eric Segal sculpture is in Butler Square. I rediscovered it when I stopped in the night of the Timberwolves game to take a look around:
These are from Miss Q's house - she has a great collection:
So that's my random Happy New Year post. Let's hear it for 2011!

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Anonymous said...

Hope Boy's wrist/hand is okay. If not, yay for health insurance! Love the giraffe collection :)