Friday, November 13, 2009


Happiest Girl! in Magnolia for Girl-child (how appropriate is that?!?). She found the yarn at KnitPurl in Portland:
Cookie A's Wanida (from Sock Innovation) in ShiBui, also purchased at KnitPurl in Portland. Second sock started tonight at Drunken Knit Night's second anniversary bash (see below):
Pretty blue drop stitch scarf using Yukon by Pagewood Farms. I came upon this skein from Rosemary, who gave it to me for a little knitting work I did for her in the fall. I love, love, love this yarn:
Circumnavigated Cardigan with only sleeves and button band left to do. I think that not only is it possible that I will finish this sweater, it may actually fit me; a miracle:
No, I didn't knit the green sweater, although Jean and the green sweater did inspire me to do a little cable work on the ribbing:
Drunken Knit Night Second Anniversary Bash - tonight at Merlin's Rest. I believe 42 of our peeps showed up by 7:00, which is when I left:
Someone made a special cake and cupcakes to help celebrate:
Get it?


fish said...

How cute is that cake??? Ann - the RTW is fab! and of course, your socks .. marvelous as always ... congrats on your knitting passion!!! and a happy belated BD to your oldest child .. please give her my regards!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have pondered the last photo for several hours. No clue.