Sunday, November 22, 2009

Purple Socks, Pink Mittens and Cranberry Seaweed

I passed through the West Bank of the University the other day. I always love going through the old neighborhood.

They've been working on the light rail station. This wheelbarrow made me laugh:And I don't know if these panels are new or if I'd never noticed them before - They're quite cool. And no graffiti (so far):
I forgot to mention that I finished Boy-child's purple socks:
I'm also nearly done with some mittens for my mother. She has trouble getting her fingers in gloves, so I thought mittens would be easier. I hope she remembers she asked for pink:
Finally, although I'm on a yarn diet, I was given a coupon for The Yarnery by a friend. Couldn't let that go to waste, so I found myself preparing to make a seaweed stole in cranberry:
Cranberry seemed like such an appropriate color for the season.


Anonymous said...

Mmm, the cranberry yarn will be lovely in that pattern. I must cruise through the West Bank next time I am in Mpls and see the light rail station.

Suzique said...

with those legs he's become a man-child.

word verification: oubrat

BC/MC: don't take it to heart!

Ironic said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope it was not as crazy as yesterday.