Thursday, January 19, 2017

Orange is the New Black

Tomorrow we will see the presidency transfer from a black man to an orange man. While I don't feel the need to learn to be happy, I do feel the need to be mindful.  It won't be the end of the world.  We will survive it, and our democracy will survive.

Or so we hope.

Here are a few random things about the transition.  Most of them make me smile.

At least someone in Scotland still has a sense of humor.  Easy for them.  Let's hope we can keep things in perspective and keep laughing.  I always did love The Twilight Zone.  Maybe this Trump presidency won't be so bad?

There is a lot of fodder out there for the press corps, whether they are allowed access to the White House or not.  Let's hope they do their job.

Fibre Space in Alexandria, Virginia is one of my favorite yarn shops anywhere.  Turns out they are the ones handling the donated hats.  I have already heard from a person who will be wearing one of my hats.  Perhaps I will hear from more.  I think it's perfect - a shop where I tend to drop a lot of money is supporting a cause I also support.

My fellow Minnesotan, Garrison Keillor, is looking for a new religion.  Been there, done that.  I never did find a religion that didn't leave me feeling disappointed and/or disillusioned.  Don't know what else to say about that.

Speaking of Minnesota, the shops here are running out of pink yarn.  Minnesotans are, if nothing else, predictable.

And one of our senators from Minnesota has been spicing up the news about the confirmation hearings - particularly with deVos and Perry.   Really.  And people didn't take him seriously when he transitioned from comedy to politics.

I think I'm ok with the fact that I'm not marching on Saturday.  I would not like it, I only like the idea of it.  I don't like crowds.  I don't like being outside all day.  Instead, I will be getting my volunteer orientation at Planned Parenthood, which I think will have more impact in the long run.

Stay strong.  Resist.


Mary Lou said...

The march was crazy. Fun, inspiring, chilly, and really, really crowded. You did your bit. I'm hoping to pull things together and put a few pictures up. I made hats for some old NJ buddies to wear to DC. Fun to see those photos.

kmkat said...

I did not march, either, mainly because it would have required using Smokey's walker. No way I could walk that far on my own. So I made some hats, one child size, and called it a day.

Hilary said...

Truly stumbled on your blog........yes, I'm with you. We'll get through this.