Sunday, January 15, 2017

Knitting Update

I knit a lot of pink hats - mostly for the pussyhat project, although I threw in this one too, which I had on hand:

Mostly I knit regular hats because the leftover pink yarn I had on hand was silk (Ella Rae) and alpaca (Blue Sky Melange).

Which would not have worked well with the pussyhat pattern.

They're all on Ravelry if you're wondering about patterns.

Many were knit on the cruise, which turned out to be very therapeutic.

I received a yarn donation for this one.

And I also picked up a couple of pink yarns at Needlework Unlimited before they closed.

So I used the "official" pattern for one.

I also knit grandson a pair of slippers.  He wants to have slippers like all the grown-ups.

And I knit this random cowl as part of my attempt at putting my stash to good use.

This hat was made with the leftover yarn from the Bella mittens I made for Girl-child.

And I got a last-minute request for a (not pussyhat) pink hat for Boy-child's girlfriend, so this was made.

And when all the other hats were done I finished a Koolhaas for me - started before the cruise.

Hats are so satisfying.  I used some new patterns and made a couple using old favorites.  Most were for a good cause. Now I'm on to my 2017 knitting goals, which means I'm back to the blankie, making more socks and looking to start the first of a good looking lineup of projects.

Happy knitting!

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kmkat said...

Needlework Unlimited closed?! Why did no one tell me?! Great hats you made.