Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rage or How to Create a Radical

After enjoying a wonderful long weekend with Rose the Gypsy I find myself cycling in and out of the stages of grief again.  Little things send me into a state of rage.  Frequently.

The debacle of the election last week seems to have put me over the edge.  I understand losing; I have lost before.  But we have elected a misogynistic sociopath to the White House.

Yes, I really do look at it that way.

I haven't been ranting the way I did during the 2008 election because restraint has been in short supply this time around.  I have been trying to behave myself.  But I still have opinions, so here are a few thoughts.

I vacillate between staying to fight and fleeing.  I will likely make a trip to San Jose, Costa Rica in February or March to do some reconnaissance.  In the meantime I have upped my contribution to the Southern Poverty Law Center and I am registered for volunteer orientation at Planned Parenthood in January.

I try to stay away from the news but I really can't help myself.  I am a headline junkie.  I don't want to bury my head in the sand, so I can't totally ignore the news, but I will have to find a healthier approach to keeping up with current events.  I have started to change my go-to news sources to avoid shrill (read: upsetting) headlines (HuffPo, I'm talking to you).

Perhaps I should find a shrink.  I know a lot of women were traumatized during the campaign and even more are now.  I guess this might be in the next DSM.

My children can vouch for the fact that I was never super-enthusiastic about Hillary.  That said, I think that she did a lot of good things over her life in public service.  No doubt she worked the system to her advantage as well ... there aren't many who haven't.

Of course, women are held to a different standard in most situations ... this one is new to us since a woman hasn't run for president before.  Different standards still apply.

When I'm feeling rage-filled my mind falls to various topics:

  • My country hates women.
  • The people who voted for Trump will probably be hurt by his administration more than I will.
  • When Trumpists are gleefully celebrating that they stopped "Crooked Hillary" they should look at their own guy.  They should look at him very carefully.
  • You may not be faced with discrimination or persecution now, but give it time. 

But I will try to think of positive things instead:

  • It'll possibly be a single term administration.  Four years isn't that long.
  • There is a system of checks and balances.  Hopefully the system will work.
  • I will take action by volunteering for and donating to worthy causes.
  • Civil discourse has been lost.  I will do what I can to raise the bar.
  • If I shelter and stay in place I will be protecting my daughter and grand-daughter.
  • If I flee I will be providing my daughter and grand-daughter with options (in case they decide to leave too, and join me).

Keep wearing the safety pins.  Fight for your rights and for the rights of others.  Be mindful of kindness.


Mary Lou said...

WEll said.

kmkat said...


I took the money I had been donating monthly to my candidates and turned it into monthly donations to the ACLU and the SPLC. Haven't done PP yet because I am lazy/disorganized. But I will get it set up.

My fear is that the checks and balances are largely gone right now. Crazy man in the White House, both houses of Congress controlled by his declared party, and him set to nominate a minimum of one Supreme Court justice, who will be the swing vote in that court.

Like you, I will not be heavily affected by this administration, but we must all remember Martin Niemoller's poem. "Then they came for me | And by that time there was no one left to speak up for me."