Friday, November 25, 2016

Fighting Back

I am constantly looking for positive and productive activity as I continue to bounce back and forth between rage and despair.

Yesterday I found the Pussyhat Project.

So I dove into The Yarn Cabinet to see what kind of pink yarn I might have in stock.

Score!  The Yarn Cabinet provides :)

I have to work on a positive energy focus as I knit.  Perhaps something like a prayer shawl but with a positive mantra since I'm not big on prayer.  I fear I could fall into Piglet's state of mind as I knit:

Image found on Tumblr by a co-worker.  I don't have the original Tumblr URL but I was able to find the image here.  Honestly, I have no idea how to credit the image.


kmkat said...

That image needs to be my phone wallpaper. And I have an orphan skein of pink worsted wool that needs to be hat STAT! Thanks for the link.

Mary Lou said...

Love the Pooh quote. Putting it up somewhere!