Friday, July 1, 2016

Blankie Story

I was at Needlework Unlimited last weekend for Urban Knitters' group and working on the blankie when I heard someone talking about the blankie, "Look, Mom, she's making a blankie."

It was one of Shelly Kang's daughters ... so I have to tell the story.

Back in 2003/2004, when I was still working at the Evil Airline That No Longer Exists (ironically everyone remembers EATNLE fondly now) I had a co-worker who knit pretty scarves and shawls with novelty yarn and she sold them at craft fairs.  She always had some colorful project in her bag.  Back then I would say longingly that I should really get back to knitting.

When I left EATNLE my co-worker gave me a book, Hip to Knit, as a retirement gift.  I told myself it was my chance, so I signed up for a class at The Yarnery.

The class was taught by Shelly Kang.

Now, the class project was mittens, but Shelly was working on a sock the whole time.  This interested me greatly.  I started knitting socks right after that mitten class because of her.  At the same time she was working on The Blankie.  Hers is a queen-sized bed blanket.  She won the sweepstakes at the Minnesota State Fair the year she finished it.

My blankie is not as ambitious as hers, but it was totally inspired by her and she's the reason I knit socks.

So there you are, full circle.  She didn't remember me at all (of course - she taught a lot of classes) but I told her, "You see, Jean told you that when you teach someone to knit you change their life.  You changed mine."

I think it made her day :)

So that's it.  Thanks to Favorite Auntie for teaching me to knit all those years ago, to Susan Fisher for getting me back into it, to Shelly Kang for the instruction and the inspiration, to Jean also for teaching me so much.  Thanks to The Gypsy for being a great knitting buddy (and for saving my life) and for motivating me to use up all the leftovers.

And thanks to all my knitting friends and the knitting community in general.  I love you all :D


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Back at you!

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Rose the Gypsy said...

Have to love a Blankie.

Silvernfire said...

Wait, you're not going to turn your blankie into a queen-sized bed blanket? I'm sure you could get enough yarn!