Sunday, June 19, 2016

Lazy Days of Summer

Although it's not technically summer for a couple of days it feels like summer...

Don't know if I ever mentioned it but I've been looking for a card catalog off and on since I moved. Finally found one on Craig's List last week so I drove to Wisconsin to pick it up yesterday.

It's my new TV stand:

To celebrate we had a movie night with the grandkids.  We watched Ponyo, which is very Miyazaki.  Popcorn is a favorite with everyone.

I was asked recently what I was knitting besides the blankie.   I have two pair of socks going (for Christmas gifts)

The mink stole is 25% done:

And for the record, the blankie is at 100% of the target width.  Got a ways to go in the other direction though.

Remember when no one had air conditioning and we used to go to the movies to cool off in the summer?  And sleep in the basement?


Silvernfire said...

It's an early solstice this year: astronomical summer starts at 5:34 tonight. And meteorological summer started on June 1. So, Happy Summer! (And that's a cool TV stand.)

kmkat said...

You were in Wisconsin?

Mary Lou said...

I have always wanted a card catalog. Lucky you. And we had a sleeping porch on my house, a screen in porch on the second floor where my father would drag old pullman mattresses for the kids who slept in the attic.