Sunday, July 10, 2016


Not too long ago I went to Excelsior for an event. I planned it so that I would arrive early enough to visit the LYS there since I don't go out that way often. To my dismay, during "summer hours" they are only open 'till 4pm. Oh well.  The building is nice to look at:

East Lake Street has its nice bits too, not just the suburbs, like these colorful bike racks:

Perhaps partly to make up for the Excelsior disappointment, I went to Stillwater yesterday for a quick visit to Darn Knit {Anyway}.  It was not disappointing.

I escaped right when the traffic was starting to get awful.  

The farmers market by my house is in full, delicious, swing.

Small joys are important after such an awful week here in the U.S.


kmkat said...

What did you buy at Darn Knit Anyway?

Mary Lou said...

I have never been to that shop, either, but have met the owner who is lovely and funny.