Friday, September 25, 2015

Transformation Done :D

The transformation of the condo is done; the old people who originally lived here have been pretty much wiped out.

Bathroom when I looked at the condo:

Bathroom now:

Kitchen when I looked at the condo:

Kitchen now (don't those cheap cabinets look better now?):

The jellyfish socks progress more than anything else:

DIL's Christmas socks progress at a snail's pace:

The floor in the laundry "room" (it's really a closet) contains the only remains of the old flooring:

Boy-child's room has decent bookshelves now ... all the major stuff is done.  Whew!

Endless thanks to "Rose the Gypsy" for all the help last weekend.  We did have some good lubricant to keep us working:


Mary Lou said...

Great work! That shower curtain is really pretty, too. Silestone or granite on the counter tops?

soxanne said...


kmkat said...

It looks fabulous! I especially like your bathroom :-)

I have about 60% of a Snicket done. It has been waiting patiently for a couple years for me to rip back the heel and do it over. Someday... (but I still love that pattern)