Sunday, September 27, 2015

Surviving a Toddler for 24 Hours

The Girls had a date in Wisconsin - something that was planned before the arrival of The Babies.  I was chosen to care for Baby Girl from Saturday noon 'till Sunday noon.  

She seemed a little suspicious when she was dropped off:

But we got settled in the condo with Duplos and other assorted things, and we fell into a rhythm pretty quickly.

Who says bar chairs don't come in handy with children?  The low setting worked perfectly as a high chair - and it's made of easy-to-clean plastic.  Hooray!

We went shopping and got new tennis shoes.  Who knew but that there are baby Toms and chucks and all manner of fun stuff for toddler feet.

The Girls thought I would have tons of photos, but really I was too busy chasing after Lulu to be snapping many shots.  First thing I did after they picked her up was take a nap ;)


kmkat said...

This reminds me that I need to continue NOT to bug my sons about grandchildren. They are great and all but overall I prefer Percy the wonder dog.

Mary Lou said...

That level of constant attention required is draining, even while fun. Naps rule!