Sunday, September 13, 2015

Decisions, decisions ...

I'm changing stuff up all over in the condo these days. Since Boy-child opted out of college and it seems unlikely he'll be coming back for any significant period of time, I'm turning the condo into mine - a bachelorette's place :)  

The floors are done - thanks for the comments. The kitchen countertops have been replaced (photos coming).  And since Girl-child took Boy-child's bed I've gotten a futon for Boy-child's room ... seemed like a good idea as he can easily take it with him later and in the meantime I'll have a presentable guest/craft room.

The cover fabric is called "hypnotic" (see below).   Perhaps the pattern will help with sleep.  A number of people have told me that sleeping on futons is dreadful.  Based on various comments and the sources of the comments, I have decided that any house guest older than I am will have my room, and I will sleep on the futon. Any house guest who is younger can sleep on the futon and I'll keep my room.   In the case of multiple house guests I will sleep on the fold-out in the living room and distribute the guests in the bedrooms as best suits my needs.

I do have to decide on rugs. I have to get one more.  I was thinking it would be good if they were all interchangeable between the living room, dining room and guest room.  This is what the fish bowl looks like in the living room:

The hypnotic pattern on the futon will probably require a very plain rug.  No rush though.  In the meantime I'll just keep moving the fishbowl back and forth until I've tired of it :D


kmkat said...

What fun to decorate a space purely for yourself! Lookin' good. said...

I like your round carpet. It is so stylish! Like from the past century.