Sunday, March 29, 2015


There's lots of construction going on downtown Minneapolis - mostly luxury apartments. Apparently Baby Boomers are moving to the city as they retire. (This Baby Boomer would prefer to spend less on housing and more on having fun).

For the record, I would hate to be one of those people up at the top trying to catch the piece they're attaching to the side of the building.

Living on the edge of the dicey parts of town - the less expensive areas - means adventures, especially on the light rail.

But living on the edge to have cash for fun has its benefits.  I've been busy getting ready for a trip to Istanbul coming up soon.  I'm going for work and staying to check things out.  I haven't been so excited about a trip since ... my first knitting cruise.  

I say first because I have another knitting cruise coming up in May.

Figuring out what knitting to take is perhaps the most difficult part of packing (which should I take for a backup pair of vanilla socks?)

I do hope the cruise happens.  Although Auntie says I must go, I did purchase trip insurance for the first time in my life.  Just in case.  

Spring is going to be fantastic this year, which is great because I fear the rest of the year will not be much fun.  That's ok though.  Visiting Constantinople and knitting on a big boat will keep me going for a long time :-)

Wow. A Google Doodle that sends birthday wishes. Is that cool or creepy?


Fede said...

Muchas felicidades y que cumplas muchos, muchos más.

kmkat said...

HB2U! And your visit to Istanbul sounds fabulous! I have another internet friend who spent a sabbatical year in Cappadocia with her husband and two kids. They were getting ready to go in July 2010:

Mary Lou said...

Happy Happy Birthday! And what library science is happening in Istanbul. Jealous! I live in a less pricey side of town as well, which give us lots more freedom from giant house payments. I am watching these apartments going up and up until soon they will have overbuilt and there will be a problem. Housing cycles are us.