Friday, February 27, 2015

Nothing to report, so just a few musings ... 

Minneapolis used to be a real Wonder Bread city. Not so much any longer.  This was taken while going 'round the track at the YWCA.

I received an amaryllis as a hostess gift, which was really pretty while it lasted. I have not been buying flowers due to the big trip expenditures that are coming soon, so it was good to have around.

And did I mention that The Girls and I went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts on Valentine's Day? They gave everyone hearts to put by their favorite artwork.

We went to see the Hapsburg exhibit.  It's a good show - see it if you can.  

(I put my heart at Picasso's Baboon and young.)

And don't forget, that Vermeer's still there to see.

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kmkat said...

I seem to remember writing a paper about Baboon and Young. Think it was in high school after a field trip a-l-l t-h-e w-a-y from Park Rapids to the MIA. (And I got sick right afterwards, ended up in the hospital, where I broke out in measles -- right after the entire high school choir had stopped by my room to say hi after their concert in the hospital. Ah, memories...).