Thursday, June 26, 2014

Odds and Ends

We continue to make national news because of the flooding. Lake of the Isles' pedestrian path is mostly underwater which makes it no fun at all to walk around - dodging the bikers and rollerbladers kinda sucks. The fence on the sidewalk here is actually half of what it looks like - the extra half is the reflection of said fence in the water.

This is a self-portrait I took on said path about three weeks ago when it was dry: 

Here the pedestrian path is like a little river:

In the meantime, once again I have unidentified growing objects on my balcony.  If anyone knows what this please do tell

This is what the flower of the plant looked like a couple of weeks ago:

I finished a hot pink sock:

And I also went to DC again, this time to meet Boy-child's landlady, a.k.a. his DC Mom.

The fact that they're holding up the edge of the platform of the Metro in DC like this is a little unnerving, I think:

But a pleasant lunch was had with said landlady.  I also got to see an exhibit at the Phillips Collection which was good.

Now it's back to the salt mines.


Rose the Gypsy said...

A for Angel Trumpet

kmkat said...

Rose the Gypsy is probably right. I was going to say The Plant That Ate Minnehaha.

soxanne said...

Thans fr figuring that out for me!

Mary Lou said...

Datura, POISONOUS seeds. I guess that's why the seed pod is so spiky. They self sow readily. Even if it never stops raining.