Saturday, June 14, 2014


I was in Houston this week for work. I don't believe I've ever been to Houston before.

We stumbled upon a gathering in a park after dinner on Wednesday.

This little girl had on an outfit that was a cross between Pebbles Flintstone and Hello Kitty.  She was adorable.

Not a good photo, but hopefully you can see that the one guy is playing an accordion and the other guy is playing a washboard.  It was a Zydeco band.  Lots of people were dancing.

This building, part of the convention center, looks like a Lego building to me.

The Hilton has Chihuly light fixtures in the lobby.

And psychedelic carpet.

It was awesome.

I believe this is the entrance to an underground parking ramp.

There are lots of exotic plants in Texas.

And this just proves that Georgia O'Keefe lives on!

I used to be mad that George Bush got an airport named after him, but Houston Intercontinental is such a dump I'm not upset about it any more.

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kmkat said...

Memories of Houston:
* I got my first migraine there.
* I remember the downtown curbs being at least 12-14" tall. This was in 1970.
* The airport is about 50 miles from downtown. Srsly.
* I do not care for Texas. In any way, shape, or form. and I have spent enough time there in various cities to form a semi-knowledgeable opinion. Did you happen to read their state Repub's recently adopted platform? They did everything but declare the earth was flat.