Thursday, June 5, 2014


I realized the other night while chatting with Boy-child that Instagram does not work for keeping my children up to date on my activities. We are a family with dumb phones. So here are a few shots of the past few weeks:

The Greenway in the morning.  I got the bike dusted off and have been going out for an occasional spin.

Lakewood Chapel, which I love.

The main post office downtown, which is also architecturally beautiful in a completely different way.

Ant tags at Lake of the Isles.

Summertime is lovely in the city.

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kmkat said...

Summertime IS lovely in the city. I used to walk the boy(s) to the Washburn library in the afternoon to check out books and maybe get a treat across the street at the Red Owl. The Greenway is looking quite established -- I remember it as former railroad tracks surrounded by random bushes that had volunteered.