Monday, April 28, 2014

Yarnover 2014

Yarnover has come and gone. Rose the Gypsy made it again this year ~ what fun we had!

The purple was won at Yarnover, the pink purchased there and the green/blue is from the Yarn Shop Hop that happened a couple of week ago.

I learned interesting stuff in my classes but mostly I worked on socks over the weekend.

Rose the Gypsy brought luxury yarns as gifts, which go well with what she brought last year and also with some of the gift yarn from the cruise last December.

Because I don't have enough yarn (the satchel is what I took to Yarnover for class supplies).

The stash-buster class with Melissa Leapman was inspiring even if I dumped the sweater idea and plan to make a hat from what I created in class.

More hostess gifts from Rose the Gypsy, because you can never have too many hand towels or pot holders.  

Rose is the only person I know who can make a sock knitter feel like a slacker - she never goes half-way!

We went to the Matisse exhibit too.  Hopefully we'll see the one that's going to be at MoMA this fall/winter as a follow-up ;-)


kmkat said...

Great stuff!

Silvernfire said...

I detect a color theme in these photos. :)