Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Activities

The weekend was fun.

Friday I was at Drunken Knit Night at Merlin's Rest.  The company is always good, and the beer.

Then, because I was having breakfast with a friend in Maple Grove (I know, crazy, and of course I got lost) I decided to pop into  Amazing Threads in Maple Grove .  I dragged said friend to Amazing Threads, where I encouraged her to take a class (she's within walking distance of Amazing Threads - what a wonderful shop!)  Then, because it was Shop-hop weekend I went over to Lila and Claudine's in Mahtomedi.  No, I didn't actually do the Shop-hop; I think this may be my new approach - to go to one shop I know and one that is new to me.

People have been telling me for years to go up to Lila and Claudine's. It is an amazingly fun shop.

As always, volunteering at Central Library in Minneapolis is a trip.  Yesterday there was a middle aged guy who was filling out a profile on Christian singles dot com.  I helped out while he was waiting for his friend to show up.  Apparently he needed his friend to help him decide what kind of lady he wanted to meet (I asked, "You need your friend to tell you what you want?!?!?")

Anyway, never a dull moment in the big city.

The rest of the weekend was spent immersed in the audio version of The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, which I see today has won the Pulitzer for fiction.  I also watched Where do We Go Now? which Girl-child suggested.  It was good, but not a comedy imho.


kmkat said...

I just saw that The Goldfinch had won the Pulitzer. Maybe I need to try the audio version; the printed one did not keep my attention.

Ten sleeps until Yarnover!

Mary Lou said...

Darn, I forgot about Drunken Knit Night. Oh well, there is always next month. I have the Goldfinch, but haven't read it yet.