Monday, April 7, 2014

National Beer Day

Seriously - I got an email on this today through Mentalfloss

It's even verifiable on the authoritative Wikipedia!

And guess what?  All the snow from last Friday has melted - hallelujah.

I think I'll go celebrate - and have a beer ;-)

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kmkat said...

No beer until after 5 for me, thanks -- I'm doing our taxes. The reason ND is the #1 state for beer consumption is the oil boom there -- thousands of unattached men with nothing to do after work but drink. (It is also a dangerous place for women. Rape statistics have surge >40%.) New Hampshire, no idea. Montana and SD: nothing else to do but drink and hunt/fish/snowmobile/etc. WI: tell me about it. We also have one of, if not THE, highest rate of DUI arrest in the US.

Our snow is melting but still has a rather long way to go.