Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Springy Times

All the talk of spring has sprung … it's ironic that fresh starts and renewal are the themes of spring, and yet as the last bits of snow melt all the dirt and garbage surfaces to the top and it's kind of disgusting.

I'm taking a MOOC at the moment that is entitled, "Archeology's Dirty Little Secrets."  I'm thinking of doing a project on what surfaces after the snow melts, and what it says about different parts of town…the so-called piles of snirt (that's snow + dirt) uncover all kinds of things.

I have managed to do a little knitting.  I made a pair of electric-blue bed socks for Auntie who has neuropathy in her feet pretty bad.  It makes it hard for her to tell when they're cold.

I also finished the most-boring-shawl-ever.  It's really quite nice, even if it was mind-numbingly tedious to knit (besides, with my wrist in a splint it was good to have something that was not particular about gauge and such).  The texture and color seem to be un-photographable, but trust me, it's pretty.

And there are some bits of grass showing up across the street:

With the time change last weekend the morning light was unusual as I waited for the train Monday morning.  Pretty soon it will be totally light in the morning as well as late into the evening - hooray!

Happy spring everyone!


Silvernfire said...

Whether or not the texture and color look like what they're supposed to, they look nice in that photo.

I really need some light in the morning soon. My psyche can't take the dark much longer.

Mary Lou said...

At least most people pick up after their dogs these days. Remember THOSE spring melts? EWWW

kmkat said...

I remember the spring melts Mary Lou mentioned - yuk! Sadly, that archaeology course started right about the time of Smokey's surgery adventure and my county board campaign, so I had to wimp out on it. Maybe someday...