Monday, March 24, 2014

Similarities and Contrasts

I went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel on Saturday. It was great.  I'm thinking I'll have to look into Stefan Zweig's writings, which apparently were inspiration for the story.

On Sunday I went to volunteer at the public library. It's pretty amazing how many people at Minneapolis Central Library would be PERFECT characters for a Wes Anderson film. I'm thinking I should write to him and suggest a large, urban public library be the background of one of his films.

In other news, it's spring.  Weird things continue to surface as the piles of snirt melt.  I like the wide disparities of what I may stumble upon on my way to and from work.

Darkness and light.

Today it snowed, tomorrow will be cold, next week it will be 50 degrees out.  I am trying to hold back the grumpiness by keeping in mind it will be warm soon.  Soon.  Soon.


kmkat said...

3˚F (above!) when I let the dogs out at 9am today. Sheesh...

Mary Lou said...

I am not holding back the grumpy. I am grumpy. And I rode the 21A today, total fodder for the arts. Maybe an updated version of Kevin Klings one man show. (A drunk staggering up the aisle of the bus as it waited at a red light, and said to no one in particular - They told me the bus had stopped moving!