Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Boat

"It doesn't look any bigger than the Mauritania!"

That bump on the far end is a whirlpool.

The children's pool was pretty amazing.

The shopping area was decked out for Christmas.

There was a really weird bar with a medieval theme that was called The Catacombs (WTF?).

Rose the Gypsy made me drink in the middle of the day… such a bad influence.

We decided that next time we'll schedule more balcony knitting time.

Yes, we plan on there being a next time.

I call this one, Still Life, Poolside:

Rumor has it there's a person on the ship who carves watermelons - s/he doesn't have any other job tasks.  Just carve watermelons.

Does the humidity make my hair look funny?

The gal in charge of keeping our cabin tidy made us a dog out of towels, and then the next day a monkey.  She said the dog is great 'cause he doesn't poo on the bed, and that to care for the monkey you just have to give him a banana.

I love the ocean.

It's nice to have mail when you get home too.

Did I mention we saw an aerial show, an ice show, a comedian, we went to the piano bar and also saw a stage production of Saturday Night Fever?  It was tons of fun.  All of it.


Mary Lou said...

Fun to see you on Friday. I am off to check out Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean!

kmkat said...

Jewish pirates of the Caribbean? Who knew?

It all looks like sooo much fun!