Saturday, December 14, 2013


Although there were tons of shore excursions offered, we decided to skip Belize City and go into Cozumel on our own. There's a charming little museum that covers the island's history, so we started out there.

Pre- and Post-Colombian houses are displayed.

I'm practicing selfies but I'm not very good at them yet.

There were Christmas pin~atas.

The town we were in is nice but not without it's neglected corners.

Most of it is well maintained though.

This young performance artist is very brave (I hate pigeons).

Here's some fauna I prefer over pigeons.

I get a real kick out of Christmas trees alongside palm trees.

The main square is a nice place to hang out.

There were some weird elves out decorating.

The roofers in Mexico are Mexican too.

I'm dying to know what tourist police are all about.

Cashola - get it?   Cash and hola.  Kind of sad that you don't even have to get pesos.

Lunch was good.  We got the table with the best breeze.  It was very hot.

I liked Cozumel just fine, but I prefer Mexico City.


Silvernfire said...

"I'm practicing selfies but I'm not very good at them yet."

You're in focus and in the frame. What more do you want? ;)

soxanne said...

LOL! A better photo?

kmkat said...

I would hang out in that main square all day!

soxanne said...

We may have but for the heat ...