Monday, November 4, 2013

Books and Art

I'm not sure how many of you remember that poster "Expose yourself to art" with the guy flashing a statue, but we tried doing a "Expose yourself to the library" theme for our conference last month. 

The blizzard was so distracting I guess our theme didn't really get off the ground, but Boy-child was a good sport about it:

In the meantime I'm trying to decide which book to hand out next April - I've decided to participate in World Book Night. Right now I'm checking books out of the library to see which one I think will be best.  I'm thinking I'll hand them out on the light rail (but not too close to either end because of the library downtown and the bookstore at MOA).

Boy-child has given me an awful cold.  If I recover in time I plan to go to New York next Saturday to see a Chagall and a Matisse exhibit, and to have lunch with The Gypsy.  Fingers crossed.

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kmkat said...

I recognize that wall o' books! I just saw in your sidebar that you read Dead End Gene Pool. Good book. I wish I could go to NYC with you to see the art!